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Our Profile

With almonst 50 years of production experience in both metal and plastic goods with electronic components, Flying Dragon Development Limited (Former name Flying Dragon Metal Product Company established in 1971) has expanded into one of the leading portable lighting suppliers in Greater China.

Our focus at Flying Dragon is to produce the highest quality products at the best possible value. We achieve this through innovative design and engineering solutions, a keen eye for appropriate technological advancements, and rigorous testing and quality control processes.

Our well-equipped manufacturing plant, in Dongguan, has over 400 skilled workers and a highly experienced management team. With a total manufacturing area of 160,000 square feet and a monthly production capacity of over 300,000 units for our premium products, we can meet our clients needs.

We will continue to fulfill our promise to deliver the highest quality products at competitive prices to our clients.

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Our Vision

Continuously strive for Product Innovation,
Manufacturing Excellence and Employees Growth.

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Pad printing

Our Mission

  1. Explore new product technologies

  2. We will support customers and their deadlines to the best of our ability

  3. To exceed our customers expectations in quality and cost through continuous improvement

  4. Enhance employees performance and communication

Factory - Laboratory & Warehouse

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